Coaches mid season review

Our Suncorp Super Netball coaches give their take on the first half of the season, and what their club will be doing moving towards the pointy end of the competition.

GIANTS Netball

Wins/Losses: 7-1
Ladder Position: 1
Next three games: Magpies, Fever, Thunderbirds

Coach says: Suncorp Super Netball has certainly not disappointed with the quality and intensity of the competition providing exciting netball every week.

“At GIANTS Netball, we are gradually building our combinations throughout the season, hoping to be a little better every week.

“We appreciate that anything less than constant improvement will not be enough in one of the most tightly contested leagues eve.” – Head Coach, Julie Fitzgerald

Melbourne Vixens

Wins/Losses/Draws: 6-1-1
Ladder Position:
Next three games:
Swifts, Lightning, Firebirds

Coach says: “Going in to the Easter Break we were happy with what we had achieved in the first half of the season.  I felt that we really built, particularly in the most recent rounds.

“It is important from here that we start well coming out of the break and continue consolidating and building our game, and in particular get a good start in the first match against the Swifts.

“There is a lot of netball still ahead for all teams and every week is tough.  We are in a good position and it is up to us to stake our claim on a position in the top 4, but we have to maintain our highest standards week in week out, at training and matches.” – Head Coach, Simone McKinnis

Sunshine Coast Lightning

Wins/Losses/Draws: 6-1-1
Ladder Position:
Next three games:
Thunderbirds, Vixens, Magpies

Coach says: “We are comfortable with where we are at. Six wins, one draw and one loss is a solid start but it is just that, a start. We know the best is yet to come and we will improve in the back half of the season.”

“It is pleasing to give various athletes court time and in different positions as well. There is great depth within this squad and it does not matter who is on court, Noeline and I are confident they will do their job and do it well.

“Our aim is to be better than we were the week before. Our only loss was by a goal and we have built considerably across all areas since then.  We want to finish strongly.” – Assistant Coach, Kylee Byrne

Magpies Netball Club

Wins/Losses: 4-4
Ladder Position:
Next three games:
Giants, Firebirds, Lightning

Coach says: “It has been an exciting if not topsy-turvey start to the Magpie season.

“We are really pleased with our build across the eight matches.

“We are looking towards greater consistency in conversion rates across every quarter and will be coming out hard with the purpose of maintaining our top four position for June.” – Head Coach, Kristy Keppich-Birrell

Queensland Firebirds

Wins/Losses/Draws: 3-4-1
Ladder Position:
Next three games:
Fever, Magpies, Vixens

Coach says: “The Easter break was a good time for us to draw a line in the sand and assess where we are at this particular point in the season. Starting this week we are able to focus on the next six rounds, begin searching for those small improvements and look to start pushing the top teams.

“We want to be in the hunt for the two points until the very end against every team we play against. We want to improve on our first half performance, play consistently across four quarters and have better decision making when using the ball.

“We’re ready for this next phase of the competition. Improvement will require a lot of hard work on and off the court and we’re ready to make it a reality.”- Head Coach, Roselee Jencke

West Coast Fever

Wins/Losses: 2-6
Ladder Position: 6
Next three games:
Firebirds, Giants, Swifts

Coach says:  “It has been a settling in period with new players, new combinations and a new game plan.

“We have exhibited positive strides in the implementation of our high performance and club plans and the real challenge is to now execute these consistently on a week to week basis against quality opponents both home and away.

“We are very aware of what our opposition now brings to the table and we look forward to bridging the gap and building from our previous encounters.” Head Coach, Stacey Marinkovich

NSW Swifts

Wins/Losses/Draw: 1-6-1
Ladder Position:
Next three games:
Vixens, Thunderbirds, Fever

Coach says: “The first half of the season has shown us that we are making really good progress, that we can compete with all the teams in the competition and our next phase is to be able to compete consistently every quarter.

“It is a work in progress but I am really happy with how we are tracking so far.” – Head Coach, Rob Wright

Adelaide Thunderbirds

Wins/Losses: 1-7
Ladder Position:
Next three games:
Lightning, Swifts, Giants

“Considering the really tough pre-season we had with half the team away, injured or rehabbing, our round one result was an incredible moment for the team. But we’ve been up against it with challenge after challenge since then.

“We’ve struggled to find consistency and stability in the line-up due to performances being hit and miss but we’ve unearthed some exciting young talent along the way and seen enough good signs to know that there is something special within this group.

“It hasn’t come together as we would have liked in the first half of the season but, but we are continuing to search for ways to be better in everything that we do and are still very connected and united. Most importantly, we genuinely believe that if we can pull it all together, we can really shake things up in the second half of the season. We will be ending this season with absolute fight!” – Head Coach, Dan Ryan