2018 Contracting Period Updates

The 2018 contracting period officially opened on Monday June 19.

Clubs will be required to finalise their lists of 10 by Monday 10 July 2017. During the three-week contracting period, clubs will be able to sign any player not formally contracted to a team as one of their 10 players.

At the completion of the official contract signing period, clubs will have the ability to sign nominated athletes and training partners.

These are the athletes that have been signed so far.

NSW Swifts

Re-signed: Paige Hadley, Helen Housby, Sarah Klau, Abbey McCulloch, Claire O’Brien, Maddy Proud, Maddy Turner, Sam Wallace.

Queensland Firebirds

New recruits: Tara Hinchliffe
Re-signed: Romelda Aiken, Mahalia Cassidy, Laura Clemesha, Kimberley Jenner, Jemma Mi Mi, Caitlyn Nevins, Gabi Simpson, Gretel Tippett.

Magpies Netball Club

Re-signed: Madi Robinson, Sharni Layton, Caitlin Thwaites, Ashleigh Brazill, Shae Brown, Kim Ravaillion, April Brandley, Alice Teague-Neeld.

GIANTS Netball

New Recruits: Kiera Austin
Re-signed: Kristina Brice, Bec Bulley, Kimberlee Green, Serena Guthrie, Jo Harten, Kristiana Manu’a, Susan Pettitt, Sam Poolman, Jamie-Lee Price.