Magpie Matilda taking it all in

The Magpies’ finals results weren’t as successful as they hoped they would be, but coming into the 2018 season the club has their eyes set on taking home the championship.

Stepping into the Magpies uniform, newcomer Matilda Garrett is ready to take the court and improve her skills alongside the team’s experienced players.

“I’m looking forward to learning off all the players, they are such leaders on court and have so much knowledge. I have already learned so much just in the space of five weeks.”

The girls are well into pre-season training, working on strengthening their relationships on and off the court.

“The main goal will be to get our connections right off the court and hopefully that will then show the outcome of winning our games. Our goal is to obviously win the whole SSN competition,” said Garrett.

“We are trying to do a lot of team activities, so we’ve been out dancing, rock climbing and those sorts of activities just so that when we’re on court everything flows that bit better.”

Joining her first pre-season with the Magpies, Garrett is hoping to learn as much as possible from her teammates and is focused on preparing herself for 2018.

“Individually I’d like to get a lot stronger and just work on my fitness, I’d love to learn as much as possible and implement it in my game.”

The Magpies have scheduled two friendly matches against Fever held at the State Netball Centre in Perth. The Magpies took home a nine goal win in game one, losing to Fever in game two by 13 goals.