Net Points

Telling the story of the game, of who wins and why, has always been an integral part of sport.

Who are the heroes? Who are the villains? Who is flying under the radar? 

Fans, commentators, coaches, analysts and players thrive on examining the essential signature or character of a team and the individual players. 

In 2019, Suncorp Super Netball will introduce the league’s first statistical player performance metric – Nissan Net Points.

Nissan Net Points will utilise Champion Data statistics to measure a range of player interactions within the match, from goals, to blocks, effective feeds, deflections, and everything in between.

An objective player rating system becomes organic to the game, sparking conversation, enabling in-depth analysis and aiding in the generation of content that flows through to live broadcast and beyond.

It is an enhanced tool that presents a definitive measure of performance and effectiveness that can be used to preview, predict, analyse, compare and critically discuss performance all while taking the fan closer to the game.

As a Major Partner of Suncorp Super Netball and a leader in innovation and technology, Nissan is proud to be further extending its partnership with Suncorp Super Netball and Champion Data to evolve the way netball fans, media and analysts enjoy and engage with the game.

As an example of Nissan Net Points in action, this is the final player performance rankings of last year’s Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final.

Nissan Net Points will change the way the game is reported, analysed and understood and we encourage all fans to get behind this great new innovation.

Stay tuned this season for more opportunities to get involved with Nissan Net Points, have your say and win great prizes.